Digitization and big data in ceramic tile industry

Digitization and big data in ceramic tile industry

The globalization of the economy and the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution or the digitalization of industry means that we must better understand the environment and companies must know how to manage production and distribution in order to improve the decision-making process and save time, and finally industrial activities. And most importantly they need to know more about customers.

The focus on production, product and sales in recent decades has led us to focus on customers. Therefore, big data must be considered in processes and resource allocation, and ultimately companies must learn how to manage their intangible assets alongside their tangible assets. This process starts with the customer and ends with the customer. For this reason, companies must be extremely careful in this regard to properly manage the flow of information in their environment and have the necessary information and data in a timely and complete manner to guide the organization in business management decisions. Help and enable them.

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  • Chamli Tennakoon